return to bird world ost

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disc one:
1. main menu ii
2. return to bird world
3. coconut canyon
4. sea of lost feathers
5. the ruins of enoki village
6. racing through sesame city
7. mt. edgar
8. the cat of bao bay
9. bonker's workshop
10. rabbit warrior
11. sleepy bird
12. birdnet
13. save point
14. a world descends into chaos (ft. steve pardo)

disc two:
15. an end to the world's slumber
16. the mushroom god
17. garden of birdly delights
18. in the hall of the mad toad king
19. a nap under plum blossoms
20. 怪物
21. 怪物 (second form)
22. black tea forest
23. dread sonata
24. fight at the forgotten shrine
25. double crossed
26. lost bird
27. the tower
28. the tale of bird world

engineered by leon chang at leon's house
mixed by leon chang at leon's house
recorded at leon's house
mastered by leon chang at leon's house
saxophone by steve pardo
cover art by aliana wong
manual art by titas antanas vilkaitis
management: i manage just fine thank you
legal: every thing i do is legal
agent: secret
a&r: does any one know what this stands for
thank you: to every one who listens to my songs and has a good time